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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Stretching back over 2,500 years, Chinese herbalism is the oldest continuously practiced medical profession in the world.
Working on the same diagnostic basis as acupuncture, Chinese herbalism works by re-establishing the natural balance and harmony within the body. A herbal prescription will include several herbs working together in combination to treat the person as a whole. It is this individual design of prescriptions that increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

Chinese herbal medicine is especially effective in the areas of infertility and menstrual irregularities, as well as skin conditions and acute illness such as colds and flu. Herbal medicine can be used separately but is commonly used in conjunction with acupuncture. Dean has been studying Chinese herbalism for many years, and now uses herbalism as part of treatments performed from his clinic on Auckland’s North Shore. If you’d like to learn more about how Chinese herbal medicine could help you (or any of our other services), please contact us or complete a direct online booking.

Please note an initial consultation is required before prescribing Chinese herbal medicines. 

Please first book in for an acupuncture consultation where we can see how best to treat your injuries/symptoms, and what medicines you may need. 

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