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6 Week Beginners Yoga Course

Beginners Yoga Course Auckland

Are you looking for a nurturing, supportive place to discover yoga and learn how it can improve your wellbeing?

Who is this course for?

This beginner’s yoga class is for anyone, old or young, flexible or inflexible total beginners who have never practised yoga before to experienced yoga practitioners who have mainly learnt the physical part of yoga and lack the energy and mind aspect of yoga. It is for anyone who wants to learn a practice that will help us live a happier life with more vitality and mental clarity and less tension and stress.

What you will learn

This beginner’s yoga course is designed to teach you fundamentals of yoga. It incorporates the authentic yoga tradition principles of Hatha, Tibetan and Taoist yoga. You will learn how to become your own yoga teacher and have confidence in creating your own home yoga practice and how to incorporate the principles of yoga into daily life. Learn the essence of yoga – body, energy and mind so you can incorporate this into any style of yoga

Learn how to create yoga posture (asana) sequences depending on what you want to achieve. Whether it is

  •  Reducing stress and tension.
  •  Improving vitality and mental clarity
  • Injury recovery or prevention.
  • health maintenance and preventative care so you can still be doing the activities you love in old age.
  • Improved breathing that is more relaxed, full and complete.

Investment $159

What is included
  • All yoga equipment, mats, bolsters, blocks
  • Expert tuition from Dean Wickenden. 
  • $30 off a consultation and acupuncture treatment that can help support you in your yoga journey. 
  • Material to assist and support you in creating and sustaining a home yoga routine.


The beginner’s yoga course is taught from Dean Wickenden acupuncture and yoga studio space. Centrally located in Albany, North Shore, Auckland

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Picture of About your teacher

About your teacher

Dean is a normal guy born and raised in New Zealand who has had the good fortune to be able to travel the world and learn from some of the most extraordinary teachers. Over the past 20+ years, Dean has studied Tibetan, Chinese, Indian and native American healing and spiritual traditions with renowned masters. This training has given Dean a unique understanding of how to balance, harmonize and coordinate the body, energy and mind of the individual.

Dean has a 1200hr diploma in yoga and a diploma in Yantra Yoga the Tibetan yoga of movement which is one of the oldest and most profound systems of yoga. Dean has a Bachelor of health science and is a qualified acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.